Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Tree Roxy

The tree, I think we shall name her Roxy. I like to name things...

Adam & I bought this tree 2 years ago (yes, it's a fake). Up until 2 years ago I hadn't been decorating my apartment for Christmas. When Adam and I got married we figured we should at least have a tree. So we bought this one. It's pretty. It doesn't smell like "fresh pine", but it's easy to take care of (don't have to worry about it dying), helps the environment (Adam says this is the only thing we do for the environment that helps lol) & it's cheap (heck yes).

Last year Adam and I decided that we wanted to start our own family traditions for Christmas. We decided to start simple with the tree and as the years progress and as Noah gets older and we have more children we will add on more ornaments as we go. Right now the tree feels a little bare but I know in a couple of years, "Roxy" will be asking for help. We will probably have to get a fatter and bigger tree =)

This will be the first year we do stockings. We have a BEAUTIFUL fire place to hang them on. I found a zebra print stocking that I like. I've also found a stocking in the shape of a high heel. Decisions, decisions.

I look forward to letting Noah pick out his own stocking, ornaments, etc as the years go on. So many memories we will have. I feel blessed to have my family and am looking forward to starting these new traditions with them.

Now on to putting the lights up on the house! YAY. Thinking of doing colored lights. I usually go for white because I feel like it looks "classier" but I think colored lights are more fun and appropriate for homes with children. Hehe...

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